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You may not be aware that older teens (age 18 and up) and college-age adults are having LASIK sooner to accommodate their active lifestyles and avoid a lifetime of expenses for glasses, contacts and solutions.

With breakthrough technology and expert surgeon Dr. Charlie Moore, International EyeCare Laser & Lifestyle Center is leading the way in College Station / Houston with this life-changing procedure.

Julie M College Student Lasik Testimonial


“I’m loving not wearing glasses and now I can see the board from anywhere in the room”

Julie M.
Student at Texas A&M University

International EyeCare is a leading LASIK and cataract surgery facility, providing high-quality treatment to young adults who wish to achieve clear vision. In addition to helping older teens and college-age adults live a life without depending on corrective eyewear, the surgeons at International EyeCare are pleased to provide care for adults who suffer from cataracts. Contact International Eye Care today to learn more about the variety of treatments available. 
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LASIK Financing Options

LASIK has never been more affordable! Having our own excimer lasers in-house allows us to pass our cost savings on to our patients. Our laser vision coordinators will be more than happy to discuss a payment plan that is suitable for you.

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At International EyeCare, we have earned national recognition for our dedication to providing leading-edge treatments, and long-lasting results to our clients.