Top 10 Questions You Should Ask the Doctor
Before Having LASIK

  1. How many physicians or dentists have selected your Lasik facility for their Lasik procedure?
    We have over 100 physicians and dentists that selected International EyeCare for their Lasik procedure. What do they know that you may not know?
  2. How many Lasik procedures has your clinic performed?
    International EyeCare has performed over 50,000 Lasik procedures.
  3. How many of your patients have come from other states or other countries to have their Lasik procedure performed at their clinic?
    International EyeCare has had hundreds of people come from all over the U.S. and even around the world to have their Lasik procedure performed here.
  4. How many awards and recognitions has your Lasik doctor received from, professional organizations, vendors, or their peers?
    International EyeCare, led by Dr. Charlie Moore, has won countless awards and recognitions, both here in the United States, as well as Internationally. You can view several of these awards on our website,
  5. Does the doctor who will perform your Lasik procedure regularly train and consult other Lasik doctors across the U.S. and all over the world?
    We’re proud that Dr. Charlie Moore is recognized as one of the most experienced Lasik surgeons in the world and regularly works with doctors who come from all over the world to train and learn from him.
  6. What are the credentials of your Lasik doctor performing on their lasers?
    Dr. Charlie Moore is the only Houston doctor to be a U.S. medical monitor for the Wavelight Allegretto Laser and is the FIRST Global Ambassador for Wavelight Allegretto.
  7. What kind of laser will your doctor be performing your Lasik procedure with?
    International EyeCare owns their own Wavelight Allegretto Laser, which is the most advanced, 6th generation laser technology approved by the FDA. The Allegretto Wave Laser is German Engineered Technology and is the only laser platform with the widest range of FDA approval with the latest wavefront technology.
  8. Does the Lasik provider you are considering work for a large corporation or in a successful private practice, and do they own or lease the laser equipment they use for Lasik procedures?
    International EyeCare is the only private practice in Houston specializing in laser video correction. We own our own facility, diagnostic equipment, and lasers.
  9. Will you spend time with a Lasik doctor on your first visit to their facility?
    As part of every no obligation, free consultation at International EyeCare, everyone meets and visits with one of our doctors who specialize in laser vision correction.
  10. Did you receive a full tour of the facility where your Lasik procedure will be performed?
    Everyone who gets our free, no obligation consultation gets a complete tour of our entire facility. We’re very proud of it and want you to see why we believe International EyeCare is superior to all other Lasik providers.