LASIK Surgery Testimonials

Houston Lasik testimonial Jarrett

“I’m loving not having my contacts!! International Eye Care did a great job on a guy who, in the words of Dr. Binder, ‘had enough nearsightedness for 3 people!’ Can’t thank y’all enough! ”

Jarrett L.
Student at Texas A&M University


Houston Lasik testimonial adam wexler

“I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts for 25 years and the thought of lasik surgery was a bit unsettling. But after meeting with and talking to Dr. Moore and his staff, I quickly realized I should have done this years ago. The results have been tremendous. My vision is much better than it ever was before. The freedom from glasses and contacts is a very welcome change, I love my new vision!”

Adam Wexler
Sports Radio Talk Show Host


Houston Lasik testimonial amanda

“Just had my last post-Lasik follow-up this morning, and I’m seeing 3 lines BETTER than 20/20! Words can’t describe how amazing it is to have such great vision without glasses or contacts. Immeasurable THANKS to your staff for such fantastic care! ”

Amanda S.
Marketing Specialist


“Everything went well, everyone on the staff conducted themselves in a very professional and courteous manner. I am very pleased with the results, my only regret is I waited so long to have the surgery done.”

Boyd L. Thomas
Police Officer


“The entire staff and procedure went way beyond my expectations. The surgery was simply amazing and the personal commitment the staff has to the patients is remarkable. Again I was “blown away” by my new vision and on how the entire staff acted. Keep up the great work!!!!”

Robert Logan

“If I knew that I was going to be this happy I would have done this much sooner.”

William L. Vaseliades
First Vice President/Morgan Stanley Dean Witter


“Freedom!! After years of being tied to glasses (first thing on in the morning, last thing off at night). Free finally to purchase (and lose) stylish sunglasses. Able to see a golf ball on the green, to take photo’s with out glass reflection. Freedom!!!”

Tom Voth
Business Owner