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Houston Keratoconus Treatment

The primary purpose of the cornea (the clear surface of the eye) is to focus images on the retina. Normal corneas are curved and have a rounded shape, like a basketball. Collagen is responsible for helping the cornea withstand constant pressure from inside the eye and maintain its curvature. If the collagen weakens, the cornea starts to yield to the pressure and bulge or become cone-shaped. This condition, called keratoconus, has an effect on how the cornea focuses images on the retina, thus affecting vision. Keratoconus affects approximately one out of a thousand people. International EyeCare Laser & Lifestyle Center treats cases of keratoconus in Houston and the surrounding area.

Causes of Keratoconus

Experts believe there are several causes and contributing factors to keratoconus, such as genetics, allergies and even vigorous eye rubbing. Experts have also noted a link between keratoconus and Down syndrome.

Noticing and Diagnosing Keratoconus

The first sign of keratoconus is typically blurred vision and nearsightedness. Individuals who have keratoconus may notice that glasses do not correct the blurred vision. They may also experience sensitivity to light, glares, halos, night vision problems and ghost-like images or double vision.

One of the most common tests for diagnosing keratoconus is corneal topography, which makes a map of the curvature of the cornea. As the condition progresses into a more advanced stage, the cornea becomes thinner at the point of the cone. The thickness of the cornea can be tested with a test called pachymetry.

Keratoconus Treatment

There are several effective treatments for keratoconus, including:

  • rigid, gas-permeable contact lenses
  • the use of radio energy to reshape the cornea
  • corneal implants to reshape the cornea
  • corneal transplant

Every patient has different needs and the Houston ophthalmologists at International EyeCare Laser & Lifestyle Center base their treatment recommendations on what is best for the individual patient.

If you are experiencing blurred vision and glasses aren’t helping, contact International EyeCare Laser & Lifestyle Center to schedule an appointment with our team for an eye examination.