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What Is LASIK?

Learn everything you need to know about this life-changing procedure.  Safer, more accurate and easier than ever, LASIK at International Eye Care means freedom:  no more glasses, no more contacts.

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3 simple steps to your visual freedom with our Summer LASIK Special! Get a $600 Instant LASIK savings plus 0% financing for 24 months! Click here to take advantage of this offer!

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The first step towards clear vision? You must be a medical candidate for the procedure. Find out if you’re in the ballpark by taking our simple online test, click here.

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Dr Simon - lasik specialist

Dr. Moore Says…

“LASIK is truly one of the miracles in modern medicine, and the sooner you have this remarkable procedure the longer you can enjoy the benefits of life without glasses or contacts. While this “timing” is different for everyone I can tell you that almost every one of my patients says exactly the same thing… “Why did I wait so long?”

Dr SimonSee what else Dr. Moore has to say!